An illustration of several platforms at various heights with molecules and shapes bouncing around the platforms.

A powerful new way to help you ace your exams

Organic chemistry is one of the most challenging subjects. Substrate is designed to complement your course with an accessible and engaging experience.

Accessible Anywhere

Our mobile-first format lets you practice on-the-go. Bite-sized sessions and a clean user interface help you focus on content.

Course Complementary

Enrolled in a course? No problem. Substrate aligns with most major textbooks and chemistry curricula. Get the extra boost you need to succeed.

Engaging Experiences

What if practicing chemistry was as fun as playing your favorite games? 

Our Partners

We're supported by leading organizations

Substrate is built with a diverse group of researchers, educators, and students using proven research and education methods.

What are users saying?

“I love this, I wish I could use it for all my learning!!”    

"I would definitely use this in lectures to help my students understand hybridization."

"The user interface is easy to use, and I like the way the structures look. It's much friendlier than most other tools."

"Great usability. The drawing tool is awesome."



Substrate is designed to deliver a unified mobile learning experience anytime, anywhere. Bite-sized sessions encourage repeated practice.


Our goal is to complement your teaching approach and customize according to your needs. Integration with your course powers deeper insights.


Excite your learners, activate your content, and upgrade learning outcomes. Built with game design principles, students naturally progress toward mastery.

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About Substrate

Our mission is to better lives by deepening the world’s understanding of science. We’re a community of truth-seekers, builders, innovators, problem-solvers, gamers, educators, and lifelong learners, fused through a love for the sciences.

Development of Substrate (formerly Mol) is funded by a SEPA-related Phase II SBIR award from the National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS) at the NIH.